About US:

Launched in 2019, Magna is a Libyan brand established in the US.

Made with the highest standards in beauty and style, today the new MAGNA collection of contact lenses defines beauty and style, bringing a sense of fashion in a unique way.

We’d like to continue to have unique products as well as premium quality lenses for beauty seekers wherever they are! We’d also like to have successful signature designs and be a market leader, and within our line of unique and natural beauty lenses, we want to serve all types of fashion, beauty and lifestyle choices, that’s why our slogan is “your style, your choice” Thanks to our new manufactory technologies and advanced new lens materials, today’s custom lenses are better than ever, making our lenses light and natural and easily wearable making it even easier to be trendy and stylish.

With such an array of colors and designs, MAGNA Color Contact lenses have gained a positive reputation being the first Libyan company brand with customers from all over Libya, we’ve put into consideration your exact color. With our color options that was developed we made sure that each eye has its differences, that’s why our lenses feel light so it would reflect the person’s exact eye color


We aim to provide customers with the most professional, fashionable and natural contact lens products and services by understanding the costumer’s different needs.

Our service and advanced technology are composed of sophisticated optical experts and optometrists, making sure to provide the best products and most professional guidance for customers. And we like to listen to our customers experiences so we can continuously develop and launch new designs to become one of the best brands in the market that help the costumers feel real and satisfied.

As MAGNA BEAUTY we’d like to be more than just a contact lenses company we’d like to expand our business in beauty fields, so you will see a lot of MAGNA beauty products Also we want to be totally environment friendly that is why we are cutting off any paper use, we like to keep all our products displays digital.


Because we know that every person had unique eyes and the eye is a window to your soul we like to pride ourselves with staying true to our core and being all natural.

Also for those who pursues subtle, bold and dramatic looks, MAGNA is the best fashion accessory to help your eyes look stunning, high quality combines with fashion and comfort.

Beauty and comfort merge to give you that priceless impression and enhance the beauty of your iris.

Finally every collection of MAGNA helps you transform into a new you, whether you like to be soft and sensitive; natural; or bold and dramatic.


We pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and high quality approved


Magna lenses makes soft contact lenses in various colors that have a yearly using cycle, a diameter of 14.5mm, a base curve of 8.6mm and a center thickness of 0.8mm. The lenses are made of Hydrogel/HEMA and contains 42% water.